With more than a century’s experience in the recycling industry, PRAXY CENTRE can ensure its partners with competent commercial and logistics departments, with regards to trading and the valorising of ferrous scrap, right from the collecting stage to the final valorisation.

With such highly developed skills in key industrial sectors, we can offer our clients and suppliers the most appropriate solution for the collection and delivery of material.

Present at the different stages of metallurgical products life cycle (right from the production line to the end of life vehicles) PRAXY CENTRE can guarantee its partners with an efficient logistics service and the capacity to adapt to every client’s particular specifications.

Our shredders based in Issoire (63) and Angoulème (16) handle 10 000 tonnes of ferrous scrap from the car production  and recycling industries : new sheet cuttings, old car bodies, old iron scrap, industrial demolition…

At the same time, 30 000 tonnes per month of all grades of ferrous scrap are traded and shipped to the main European steelworks and foundries.

Thanks to a European commercial and logistics network, our own equipment and a systematic control of the quality of our products, we are one of the main actors in the area of the Collecting and Recycling of Ferrous scrap in France and Europe.