PRAXY CENTRE is at present one of the leaders in the international recycling industry, due to a century’s experience, constant development and modernisation.

We have a great knowledge in sources of industrial scrap.

We master the valorisation procedures and the different phases of recycling.

Our investment policy is guided by the needs of the industry.

We have a competent international logistics department.

Processing, Valorisation and Trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap, paper, card board, plastic and rubber.

Research and development according to your requirements.

PRAXY CENTRE is your best choice of partner for recycling in
all industrial fields.

Non-Ferrous Scrap Department Ferrous Scrap Department
Z.I. Les Listes - BP 44
Tel. + 33 4 73 55 60 00 / Fax + 33 4 73 55 60 30

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